Your next step to self-realization...

Are you having:

  • A fulfilling relationship with yourself?
  • Fulfilling relationships with others?
  • A fulfilling relationship with your work?

Whether it’s in your personal or work life, at times you may be:

  • Wondering if you can cope… if you’re “getting there”
  • Feeling under pressure or “squeezed”
  • Unsettled about “unspoken dissatisfaction“


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customized specifically for you taking your next steps to:

  • execute your gifts as far as you can see

  • reach common understandings and goals with others

  • lead or manage people to be so passionate about what they’re doing that they feel like it’s their business

As a professional coach, facilitator and trainer, I’ve collected over 25 years of human-development experience in the Education, NGO, Public, and Corporate sectors.


KnocKnock offerings - Coaching, Facilitation and Training, Interactive Theatre, and Instructional Design – are provided as a single focussed service or in any array of combination or sequencing. The service can be designed as a “once-off” intervention, to a medium or long-term program with development support. Please contact me to set up a needs assessment meeting so we can establish a way forward. If appropriate, I have long-established relationships with others whom I can bring into the process we agree is best to address your needs and required outcomes. On-going formative evaluation ensures clients’ needs are met and requisite progress is made.


  • Manya is … a great collaborator. … her initiative & integrity … make it easy for YSA to partner with her.

    Brad Shannon, Co-Founder & Joint YSA MD

  • Manya Gittel … has the strengths of mastery & flexibility in her work, making it possible for us to create a new hybrid initiative that we believed worked very well …. The exercise was innovative, creative & inspiring.

    Shivaji Bhattacharya Sr. Policy Advisor
    Regional Service Centre for Southern & Eastern Africa
    UNDP; United Nations

  • the entire UN staff in Botswana went for a retreat. The … second day was devoted to 'Exploring new realities in response to HIV & AIDS' under the …guidance of Manya Gittel. According to the evaluations by staff, this was clearly the most exciting part of the retreat, not least thanks to Manya's … ability to involve all staff, from the youngest driver to the highest Head of Agency

    Bjoern Foerde UN Resident Coordinator in Botswana

  • Thanks, Manya. The feedback is clear, rich & meaningful. I really appreciate what you have done for us. Hope we can work together again some time in the future

    Andre Fourie Chief Executive; National Business Initiative (NBI)

  • “… as a Director of the local office (Gemini Consulting) of an international management consulting firm, & currently through YSA, a local management & leadership development consulting practice. Manya’s skills, experience & contribution have been a great asset to us

    Jonathan Yudelowitz, Co-Founder & Joint YSA MD

  • Manya has the rare ability to approach a project as a learner & team player, despite her personal mastery over specialized sections of it, making her able & comfortable with responding to crisis & change.

    Shivaji Bhattacharya Sr. Policy Advisor
    Regional Service Centre for Southern & Eastern Africa
    UNDP; United Nations

  • Manya ‘s… an expert at drawing upon a wide range of behavioural & psychological principles to craft effective & practically relevant guidelines for clients about how their stress & coping patterns reinforce one another, & how these can be managed in the moment… Manya facilitates in-depth understanding for the client, by the client

    Brad Shannon, Co-Founder & Joint YSA MD

  • A master analyst, Manya prepared expert LifePi reports (individual & group) for top executives & middle management clients. Through her work … she has made a significant impact on the development of our clients’ emotional self-awareness & leadership capacity

    Jonathan Yudelowitz, Co-Founder & Joint YSA MD

  • Life coaching has enabled me to understand and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses and then, to practise integrating these strengths and weaknesses in a positive way which means that the outcome of any given situation is more positive

    Julia Bozzoli

South Africa

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